Subversion setup

To use Subversion for your local copy of the code, please follow the instructions below

  1. Make sure you have installed the svn executable
  2. Select the repository you would like to work on (follow this link to browse publicly available repositories)
  3. Please issue the command 
    svn checkout[REPOS] 
    or the equivalent in a GUI-based svn client, where [REPOS] is the repository you choose to work on
  4. Eventually reply to the requests of the server (your username / password in certain cases)
  5. You're done !
Almost every CVS command has an equivalent in Subversion. Hence,
cvs update 
is equivalent to
svn update
and so forth.

Subversion might ask for a password depending on your rights with regard to the repository you wish to access / modify

Please contact " eric.bechet AT ulg DOT ac DOT " be for an account.

Compiling Cadxfem

The small script may help you setting up your environment
Also, put this file (name it .petscrc) in your home directory so that Petsc uses a direct LU solver by default.
Currently, it has been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 and 14.04.
You may need administrative rights to install dependencies.
Simply run the script in an preferably empty folder.
"src" and "builds" directories will be created, where the code will be downloaded and compiled.
Test examples are then run and checked for output using Kitware's ctest.